Irish animals - set of 3 - fox, deer, squirrel

Irish animals - set of 3 - fox, deer, squirrel

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Enjoy putting these fun model Irish animals together. Designed and made in Ireland from eco-friendly birch. Designs included in the set are:


Red Deer

Red Squirrel

Simply pop out the pieces, give them a light sand, clip them together and you're ready to go. Feel free to paint the natural wood to make it your own or simply rub some olive oil in to make the natural wood shine. 

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At Pop Out Projects we want to inspire you to be more creative. All of our mini projects are simple little projects that need a small bit of finishing and/or assembly before they are ready to use. Feel free to also paint and decorate your project or you can rub some olive oil into the natural wood to really make it shine.

Something that you have put a little bit of your own time into becomes much more valuable to you and a lot less likely to end up in the bin after a few weeks.