Introducing our new bio based packaging

Introducing our new bio based packaging

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Close up of packaging showing compostable and recyclable icons

We have been looking for a premium box for our tweed weaving kit for a while now.  Our first box was actually a wrap and was made from uncoated recycled corrugated card. After some feedback from our lovely testers we wanted to have a more robust box for retail that you could continue to use after opening. After a number of prototypes and discussion we are delighted to introduce our new box. Made in Ireland by Colab packaging in Dublin using their FSC card.

Many of the lovely cardboard boxes you see in shops have an oil derived plastic lamiante to give them that lovely shiny feel and also stop them getting scuffed. This didn't fit with us and after some discussion with Colab they came up with using a bio-laminate solution. The bio-laminate protects the print and gives our new box a wonderful silky feeling without covering it in plastic. The laminate is cellulose, so it can actually be put through the paper recycling process where it becomes an integral part of the paper structure, or alternatively can be put in your brown bin for commercial composting. We hope to be able to move to a recycled card for our next print run, we just need a minimum quantity of the card.

The box that Colab designed for us not only looks great,  but is sturdy as well. The locking base means that the Rocket Loom, yarn pack and instruction book are secure, and it looks great in the birch display boxes we are making for all our amazing retailers!

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