Our Story

Welcome to Pop Out Projects

We are excited to launch Pop Out Projects, a collection of fun and easy projects for all the family. We aim to inspire creativity and we can't wait to see some of your finished projects.

We Also Make Maps

Outcrop is our small family business, and has been our main focus since moving back to Ireland, making premium 3D layered art maps. We pride ourselves on the quality, accuracy and artistry of everything we make.

We are both very creative people, and love to design small models, little projects and wacky inventions for ourselves and our kids, and are excited to now share some of these creations with you.

We still have the same dedication to only making good, eco-friendly products, and by involving you in the process, we hope that you will value your own creation a little more, and enjoy the time taken to put your mark on one of these projects.

Our values


Why should a small business put in the effort to consider the planet? Well why not, everyday we make choices that affect the planet and our future, whether we think about them or not. As the effects of global pollution start to show themselves both businesses and consumers are becoming more aware of how they can make better choices. Together we can all make a difference. Read about some of the things we are doing to make our business more sustainable.

Good Design

We design and make all our weaving kits and mini projects right here in our workshop in Rathcormack, Sligo.

We focus on using the latest technology combined with hand finishing processes to create the highest quality products. 

Meet The Makers

Aran Pudney

Aran is the creative force behind all our designs. As an industrial designer, his background in mass production has allowed us to develop ways to both design and make our products in Ireland, while still remaining true to the sustainable ethos of our business. He can never look at a product without trying to come up with ways to improve it, which has led to the evolution of our innovative and patented creations.