Donegal Yarns - The Genuine Donegal

Donegal Yarns - The Genuine Donegal

What's the background to our obsession with Donegal Yarn?
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We are proud to source all the wool yarn for our tweed kits and wool packs from Donegal Yarns in Kilcar, co. Donegal.

As one of Irelands oldest wool spinning mills, it was a natural choice for us to connect to the rich history of Irish weaving, and as they are located just over an hour up the road from our workshop.

After the first mill was established in the early 1800’s, woolen yarn spun in Donegal quickly gained a reputation for its warmth and durability, and was sought after around the world.

A combination of the great famine, punitive taxation, and the arrival of cheaper textiles from  growing international trade saw a decline in the fortunes of the Kilcar mill, and Irish textiles in general.

However, thanks to the vision and dedication of Irish fashion designers in the 1920’s, Donegal tweed saw a surge in popularity, this time for its unique texture and visual softness, derived from the flecks of different coloured wool in the yarn, called ‘neps’. This distinctive texture has remained popular ever since as a high-end textile, and far cry from the rugged and practical material it was once seen as.

With the rise in awareness around the environmental issues associated with synthetic fibres and clothing designed with a short lifespan, the demand for classic, long lasting and natural fibres is on the rise, and 100% wool Donegal Tweed is perfectly placed to meet those needs.